As promised, here are the top health-related headlines that we think may be of interest to you:


31 reasons I’m still fat: One man’s diet confession – Men’s Health

Why Cheetos and fries lower your stress – Time

Obesity in pregnancy may raise infant death risk – WebMD

Philadelphia gives away 1M custom wrapped condoms – MSNBC

Hospital errors may be more common that you think – WebMD

When a headache really is a brain tumor – CNN

US has 4M Americans that identify as gay – AP

Government announces plan to reduce health disparities – AP

Jennie-O recalls nearly 55,000 pounds of frozen ground turkey – CNN

Be an emotional eater and still stay slim –

Female infidelity is different from guys – CNN

How to build a healthy Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich – CNN

Teen birthrate lower than ever, but still too high – Washington Post

Preventing teen pregnancy in the US – CDC

Merck says FDA turns down Gardasil for older women – Reuters

Bristol Palin Earned $262,500 from sex abstinence work – Reuters

More families are adopting HIV-positive children – Seattle Times


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Thanks for a great week – Please have a Fresh, Hip and Healthy weekend!

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