Here are the top weekly health-related headlines that we think may be of interest to you (we’re awesome, we know):

33-year old has heart attack at Lady Gaga concert – CNN

Yaz birth control linked to higher blood clot risks – CNN

Vibrators can now be found in local drugstores and advertised on MTV – MSNBC

CDC predicts smoking bans in every state by 2020 – AP

Europe (France) hit by measles outbreak – AP

California woman shows off newly transplanted hand – AP

Cucumber recall in 9 states – MSNBC

Death row request? Organ donation – MSNBC

How Viagra can mess up your marriage – MSNBC

College bound and living with autism – NYT

Information-age distractions affect ability to focus – MSNBC

Georgia rolls out new mental health centers – AJC

Most dieters make food decisions by name only – MSNBC

Coffee doesn’t increase blood pressure risk. Drink on. – MSNBC

Young children may make parents fat – AJC

Diet soda doesn’t raise diabetes risk, after all – MSNBC

Daily diet soda consumption tied to higher risk for stroke, heart attach – MSNBC

The happiest places in the world post highest suicide rates – NYT

Peer pressure: Half of US adults take vitamins – MSNBC

Candy eaters have slimmer waists and lower blood pressure? Sweet – MSNBC


Interesting stuff, huh?

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