Yes. I have joined and quit Weight Watchers (WW) about 2 times in the past 2 years.  I don’t guilt myself about it, though, since I am still in that transition weight range – not exactly skinny, but a few more runs to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries could push me into the Obese BMI range. *clears throat* But, I digress. If you have followed Jennifer Hudson’s career and personal story, then you are familiar with her most recent accomplishment – losing a significant amount of weight and dropping from a size 16 to a size 4 in 2010.  She looks absolutely amazing, don’t you agree?  She was always beautiful, but weight loss is a personal accomplishment that shows one’s ability to be dedicated to their goals, exhibit fortitude, and unleash another level of self- confidence that comes from such a feat. Hats off to Jennifer! She credits her weight loss to the WW program – her melodies soulfully sing of the program’s worth during prime time commercial runs. Her attribution to WW has got to be the single most impactful health marketing campaign of 2010. WW touts itself as a lifestyle program that teaches its members how to eat healthy, without dieting, thereby positioning itself in a different competitive category from other fad diets and weight programs.  Essentially, WWs uses a “fancy” points calculator that measures calories consumed/calories burned against the required ratio needed to lose weight for each member. I don’t have recent statistics on its membership dynamics, but a 2007 earning’s report claims that WW’s target group is younger women that prefer group weight loss dynamics and do not have as much of a concern for privacy (e.g. WW meetings). Since the report, WW has launched its online program and has even begun targeting overweight men (a growing group).  Its partnership with Jennifer Hudson also reflects its direction for 2010 – reaching the African American female population.  According to the CDC, non-Hispanic Black women and Hispanics have the highest rates of obesity (41.9% and 30.7%).  Even further, obesity is the contributing cause of many other health problems, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some types of cancer.  Jennifer Hudson has lost more than 80 pounds in the past 12 months and even made Fitness magazine’s Best Celebrity Bodies list for 2010.  This is a good look for both Jennifer and WW. I may even rejoin WW (for the third time lol).

Side note: *Disclaimer* Jennifer, who never worked out before, now exercises up to five days a week doing an hour of cardio and another hour of resistance training, as well as four sets of push-ups, leg squats and sit-ups every day. There is a learning curve and physical activity is a major factor to her success – just wanted to make that clear.

Please click here to view Jennifer’s new WW commercial.

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5 commets “Jennifer Hudson and WW: The best darn health marketing campaign of 2010. Period.

    1. mlp (Edit)

      Officially, no. But Jennifer has had access to the best personal fitness trainers and chefs that an endorsement deal can buy. WW has everything to lose by not seeing Jennifer succeed. This is the only issue that I have with celebrity sponsored weight-loss campaigns – they typically have access to resources that the average American may not have. I am most impressed by Aretha Franklin’s recent weight loss.

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