The web is all abuzz about R & B newcomer, singer/songwriter Timothy Bloom’s new music video. ‘Til the end of time’ is a sultry love song, but what is most notable is the video’s costar, V. Bozeman.  More than a video model, V. is also a songstress and a bold representation of black beauty.

An often overlooked part of the health debate is the issue of mental health. Its estimated that more than 75 million Americans suffer from a mental illness every year. Currently, mental health and substance abuse services aren’t broadly covered by insurance companies and the lack of treatment may be contributing to issues occurring in other areas, e.g. high crime rates, injection drug use, incarceration rates). Similarly, a positive self-image for both men and women is also a critical part of being a healthy individual.  For many in the African American (AA) community, the mainstream media may not always represent AA woman in the strongest light (think: Michelle Obama versus Karrine Steffans). Follow me. For example, if your main mode of information consumption is through R &B/hip hop media outlets, you may be under the assumption that the ‘gold’ standard of beauty for an AA woman may be long hair (real or not), large breasts, big butts, and tight clothes (no judgements).   Or, if Steve Harvey is on your list of top authors for 2010, you may believe that AA women are single, lonely, depressed and in desperate need of male affirmation (an issue in itself, but I digress). Where am I headed with this logic? Great question.  All of these issues play a collective, additive, and/or singular role in impacting our mental health – how we perceive ourselves.  In his recent video, Timothy Bloom just showed that dark skinned, natural and versatile AA women are just as beautiful as the video vixens of the world. And the video is SEXY, but so sultry and simple.  Checkmate.

Peep the video here.

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  1. Joshua (Edit)

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