This post is to commemorate one of my favorite celebrities and performers, Whitney Elizabeth Houston. May she RIP.

This was an unfortunate loss for the Houston/Brown family, the entertainment and music industries, fans, and for all those who suffer directly or indirectly from substance abuse and/or mental illness.  I was and will always be an avid Whitney Houston fan; I am still in shock over the news of her passing. While the final toxicology report has yet to be released (here’s why), there has been much speculation on the cause of Whitney Houston’s untimely death. Her legacy as an artist is undeniably great, but in the end, Whitney Houston was human – struggling from personal battles that only she and those closest to her will ever understand.  What I can appreciate, in the midst of the current – and controversial – media dialogue, is the celebrities that have taken time to speak candidly about their own struggles as they commemorate the legacy of a phenomenal woman. Sharing some of my favorite videos below.

More thoughts to follow…

RIP Whitney.

Fantasia’s thoughts on Whitney Houston

Wendy Williams shares her thoughts

I believe that this note the official Whitney Houston website, posted from a mourning fan, says it best:

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