Media Images: Timothy Bloom “Til the end of time”

The web is all abuzz about R & B newcomer, singer/songwriter Timothy Bloom’s new music video. ‘Til the end of time’ is a sultry love song, but what is most notable is the video’s costar, V. Bozeman.  More than a video model, V. is also a songstress and a bold […]

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A Conundrum: Big Breasts, Implants and Breast Cancer

The Huffington Post posted an article today outlining the top 25 reasons why a woman should not get breast implants (Link). The major headline last week was that women who get breast implants are susceptible to cancer, ALCL: anaplastic large cell lymphoma. While only a small number of women have […]

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Health Department posters just don’t work: 21st century public health

If you watch the popular Lifetime TV drama Army Wives, you may know that Joan, one of the leading characters, was recently diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). But did you know that two US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientists were key consultants on the storyline about […]

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Monique was Right, Skinny B%!#s are Evil

Last week, a blogger for Marie Claire magazine made some unsavory comments about the main characters on the hit prime time comedy show ( insert). (Insert name and blog) wrote about her disgust with even watching the actors on television – because of their excessive weight (Who does this?). (insert […]

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