ObamaCare Explained. Simply. Thanks Kaiser Family Foundation.

This was worth sharing. Unfortunately, the government shut down has overshadowed the real message this week. The signature component of the Affordable Care Act (Medicaid Expansion and the opening of the healthcare marketplace) happened this week. Let’s continue to support this major milestone for our country.

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An unlikely marriage: The pressure of celebrity and the escapism of drugs

This post is to commemorate one of my favorite celebrities and performers, Whitney Elizabeth Houston. May she RIP. This was an unfortunate loss for the Houston/Brown family, the entertainment and music industries, fans, and for all those who suffer directly or indirectly from substance abuse and/or mental illness.  I was […]

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Death of king sized candy bars

I am sure that you have heard the news by now – The Mars Corporation will no longer make king-sized versions of their candy bars and the company has decided to reduce the size of their standard candy bar . There are two interesting aspects about this move: This decision subtly […]

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What you need to know about the new HIV vaccine

Unless you have been living under a rock, or if you have absolutely no concern over your sexual health and wellness (e.g. no sex life) or the sexual health of others, you have certainly heard about some breaking major developments in the world of HIV prevention. While the holy grail […]

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No joke: April 1 is National Walk to Work Day

Yes, you read the post title correctly and this is no April Fool’s joke (wouldn’t that be cruel? lol). I can’t make this stuff up, people. I don’t think I have ever heard of this particular public health observance day (there are so many – for a full list, please […]

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6 things we can learn from Elizabeth Taylor (RIP)

Last week, we lost a great American icon, Elizabeth Taylor.  I have always had a fond respect for her – not only was she an academy award-winning actress, she was a beautiful, confident and quick-witted vixen that seemed to be generous in many ways.  I appreciated her candor and can […]

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Fast Food Nation: McDonald’s oatmeal is not so healthy

McDonald’s sells its oatmeal as a healthy breakfast alternative, but according to one food critic, it includes too many not-so-healthy ingredients. Its new oatmeal, which McDonald’s released nationwide last month as a “bowl full of wholesome,” is actually a crock full of something else, according to Mark Bittman, a food […]

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