Got Free Condoms and Lollipops? Here is why you should:

Most people are disengaged when it comes to their health and when they think of the public health system. The health department is simply a place to get free condoms, immunizations, and a lollipop after their visit. This blog seeks to change that. Free Condoms and Lollipops is committed to being fun, fresh, entertaining, accurate and relevant – if we fail to deliver, please let us know.

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Source: CNN

What we need from you

Free Condoms and Lollipops is intended to serve as a conversation starter. Through FC &L, we intend to get you thinking about your health, the state of the healthcare system and its impact on those around you.

Beyond that, we need your support to make actions that count:

  • Check the site often, be engaged, comment and share your opinions
  • View the web links provided
  • Ask questions to medical/health experts
  • Share the website with your friends, colleagues and those in your community
  • Please keep us informed of health events in your area
  • Invite us to share health information through your community engagement

Unfortunately, most people are not engaged in public health or healthcare until they become ill or until someone close to them is affected. This site is necessary to encourage a proactive response towards one’s health and the overall wellness of the community.

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